How to Get Your Ad Featured on 18 Popular Marketing Sites

A unique new internet advertising website just opened and is proving to be very effective so far! Maryanne Meyers created another fun and effective way to advertise on all of her websites for FREE: TRAVELING BOXES!

I couldn’t explain it any better than this so here it is, quoted from TEWEBSTAR Traffic.

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Get your ad featured on 18 popular advertising sites!

Here’s what your ad could look like:Traveling Boxes Advertising

Here’s how you can get your own Traveling Boxes Ads for FREE!

Step 1 – Sign up at TEWEBSTAR Traffic (Pro Membership will get you tons more advertising, worth it)

Advertising TEWEBSTAR TRaffic

Step 2 – Surf for Credits until you have 400 saved up or get the Pro membership, it comes with lots of credits!

Step 3 – Go to the Traveling Boxes Page.

How to Use TEWEBSTARS Traveling Boxes Advertising

Step 4 – Scroll down to the form to add your Website Title and URL, choose a background color, then click Add Traveling Box button.

TEWebstars Tutorial -

Then your ad will be in the lineup of featured ads and will be found on each website, see below:

TEWebstars Tutorial